Many people incorrectly believe that it is difficult to cancel a direct debit. If you request your supplier or your bank to cancel a direct debit, they must do so. If you have any problems with your supplier you can cancel any direct debit at any time by writing to your bank, giving at least 7 days notice. Always keep a copy of an instructions to your supplier or bank as any payments taken after this must be credited back to your bank account. assumes the top line of the import file contained header names and ignores it as payment information when importing. To avoid this you can tick the “Add header to my import” box on the import page.
Variable bills are used where you have bills that are paid several times a year and each time the bill will be a different amount but you don’t want the amount you have budgeted for to change. Bills such as Electricity, Gas a Phone bills are the most common. Your Gas bill would be low in the summer and high in the winter so you want the amount you have budgeted for each bill to stay the same throughout the year.
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Yes, go to Manage my Bills, click on Pay a Bill to the right of the bill and tick the box for Bill Paid by Cash/Another Source, change the details if relevant and click Pay.
Yes, go to Manage My Bills, Select Pay a bill to the right of the bill you wish to pay and complete the payment details. If you have paid this bill through your bank account there is no need to tick the box “Paid by Cash/Another Source”. Be sure to avoid updating the bill payment twice by importing it also.
No, once you have saved your first plan, you cannot edit is again. Your First plan is saved as a record only. But any changes you need to make once you have started can simply be made in Manage My Bills.

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