Is BillsManager really a Free Service?

Yes, BillsManager is a free service. As BillsManager develops we may add a Premium service in the future where for a small fee may be charged for additional features.

How does BillsManager work?

Our How it Works page provides a simple explanation on how BillsManager works but a a quick explanation is;

• You add all your bill details(due date, amount of bill etc) into your first plan which calculates the annual costs of your bills and breaks this amount into weekly or monthly payments.
• You Import your transactions from your online bank account into your BillsManager account or a weekly or monthly basis.
• BillsMansger sorts your bill payment transactions and updates your account.
• Your bills and budget plan are kept updated as you import, allowing you manage your bills easily.

Is my information on BillsManager secure?

Yes. We use bank level security on our website provided by Rapid SSL. We do not request or hold any of your personal information that could link you to teh data such as your name, address bank account numbers etc. The only information we hold is your email address. Where you decide to include bill account numbers and payees details, your name or address is not saved anywhere on our site.

Do I need a separate bank account for my bills?

No it is not necessary but it is strongly advisable. BillsManager works even if all your expenses are debited from the same account as BillsManager only imports your bill payment transactions. But similarly to using a separate deposit account for your savings, if you are paying for other day to day costs from the same account as your bills, the money may not be there to pay your bills as they fall due.For effective budgeting it is better to have a separate bank account to pay your bills. You can set up a standing order from your current account for weekly/monthly payment to cover your bills. Your Cashflow Forecast will be more accurate as you will only have bills being debited from your account and not late night cash withdrawals!

What bills can I include in my account?

You can add any bills you wish into your account and as many bills as you like. It is best to add in every bill that you pay so you get an accurate figure of how much your bills cost you and how much you should put aside from each pay cheque to cover these bills. Your Cash Flow Forecast will also be more accurate.

How do I get started?

Simply Click the Start a Free Account, add an email address that you receive emails to and create your own password. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your registration and that’s it !

Do you have a referral policy?

Our referral policy is simply – if you like our website, let everyone know. Use our share button or click the Like button and post a comment on your Facebook page. Otherwise use whatever means you normally use to inform your friends when you find something great that you want them to know about. Don’t keep us all to yourself.

My bank has no export option, how do I import transactions from my bank account?

If your bank does not have export option, open your online bank account, highlight all the transactions including the header, right click and select “copy”, open an excel file or a free Google spreadsheet or a CSV file on your PC, paste the transactions into your file and Save your file.
Go to import from my bank account in BillsManager.
Browse for the file on your PC and click import

What bills are Variable Bills?

Variable bills are used where you have bills that are paid several times a year and each time the bill will be a different amount but you don’t want the amount you have budgeted for to change. Bills such as Electricity, Gas a Phone bills are the most common. Your Gas bill would be low in the summer and high in the winter so you want the amount you budgeted for each bill to stay the same throughout the year.