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Why BillsManager?

We believe that most of us are happy once we know our bills are paid. We don’t want to track every penny we spend or waste hours each month managing our household bills. We also want to know we are getting a good deal and are delighted when we can save money on our bills.

There is usually some event that pushes us to finally create a budget or to review all our bills to see if we are getting good value for money. We start with great intentions but then it becomes too much hassle. We don’t get around to checking if we are still getting a good deal although the market constantly changes. We don’t save money on our bills even though we know it is probably the easiest money we could make.

So we created BillsManager to make Budgeting, Managing and Saving money on your bills very easy to do.

Our main goals were that it should only take 15 minutes a month to keep up to date and to ensure you are getting the best rates for your bills. Where you need to change supplier, it may take a little longer changing over but that will be when you are saving money.

It is designed to make it effortless for you to continue to budget after your first push to get started. Savings are in front of you at the time you need them most – just before your bills are due.

When you know your bills are budgeting for, the rest is so much easier.