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Secure and AnonymousSecure and Anonymous
Open an account with just an email address. BillsManager does not require your bank or personal details and you do not have to connect our website to your online bank. You control importing transactions without giving any account information whatsoever.

Everything in One PlaceEverything in One Place
Keep your budget, bill payments, transaction history and savings deals relevant to your bills all in one place, accessible anywhere. Know quickly what bills and how much is due next week, next month and every month for the next 12 months. Organised and efficient.

Save MoneySave Money
See how you could save thousands on your bills Now. We track the best deals in the market so you don’t have to. Each time a bill falls due you can see easily who is currently offering the best deals, ensuring you always achieve maximum savings on your bills.

Keep the minimum balance in your bank accountKeep the Minimum Balance in your Bank Account
Your 12 month Cashflow Forecast shows your projected ongoing balances, allowing you to keep the minimum amount in your account. Avoid going into the red when your bills fall due and save on high overdraft fees. And in the event that you are heading into the red, you will be alerted in plenty of time.

Cash FlowCash Flow Forecast for the Next 12 months
You can see quickly what your Cashflow will be for the next 12 months so you know instantly where you stand.

15 Minutes15 Minutes a Month to Manage your Bills
Managing your bills and saving money with BillsManager is simple. It takes less than 15 minutes each month to manage all your bills.

Automatic UpdatesAutomatically updated Budget Plan
Your budget is automatically updated when you import your bank transactions or you manually update your bill payments. You are also alerted when your bills change so you don’t have to constantly review your budget.

Less StressLess Stress
Receiving bills when you don’t budget can add stress before you even open them. Budgeting puts you in control and with BillsManager you can enjoy the stress free feeling of receiving and opening bills that you know you have budgeted for.

Reminder AlertsReminder Alerts so you don’t have to Remember
Reminders Alerts will keep you on track and save you money with minimum effort. Know in advance when bills such as insurance are due, a list of all the bills you need to pay each month, if any bills are overdue or if your bank account is expected to go in the Red.

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