Most people know how much money they made last month, but have no idea how much money they spent.  With many of us relying on credit cards to pay for everyday expenses and worrying about paying when the bills comes in.

In a lot of cases we spend about 10 per cent more each month than we earn and most of the time are blissfully unaware of this fact.  We should all know the numbers: how much money (if any), we have left after the bills have been taken care of.  We should always know how much money we have to spend before we spend it.  will enable you to know the impact of every spending decision and know at the click of a button if you can really afford the purchase.

You may feel that budgeting is not for you and conjures up dread and drudgery.  Fear not, the task of setting up a household budget plan has been made so much easier when you use  Effectively budget and manage your household finances and make savings while you do.

Register your account and will guide you through the set up of your budget. have made this easy for you.   You will immediately know how much money you need to set aside each month to pay your bills.   Spreading the cost of your bills evenly throughout the year means your cash flow is not affected if one of the bills is higher than anticipated. will continue to examine your bills and modify your budget when you update your account.  Monthly updates will only take 15 minutes and will keep you on track of your bills and your money.   You will have access to a 12 month cash-flow forecast which calculates your projected cash flow for the next 12 month period and will help you make informed spending decisions.