Do you remember in days gone by, your parents constantly telling you to switch off the lights or to turn off the emersion because “money doesn’t grow on trees”.  I remember often replying that actually it did because paper came from trees but I was often met with a not such an amusing quip.

Money is an important part of day to day living – it is not so easy to earn it but very easy to spend it.  You can watch money slip through your fingers un-controllably before you actually get your hands on it.  Your bank account can be cleared out the day you get paid for last months credit card bill and you find yourself back to square one, living on credit.

Stop the cycle of living on credit and start to take control of your money.  Get clever and arrange that your money goes out in accordance with how your money comes in, in equal amounts every month. The best way to gain control over your money and cash flow is to create a budget plan and stick to it.

Don’t wait for the bill to come in the door to decide where to get the money from to pay for it.  Put away the same amount of money every month each time you get paid.  Set out a budget; listing all your bills and summing them to get the annual outgoings.  Divide this sum by twelve and this is the amount of money you need to put into a separate “bill account” every month when you get paid. has created an easy to use budget planner tool.   Register your account and BillsManager will guide you through the setting up of your budget.  It will work out how much money you need to put aside each month for your bills.  Monthly updates should only take 10 minutes and keeps you on track of your bills and your money.