Congratulations on your engagement.  You are bound to be full of excitement and as soon as you have celebrated in style. turn your attention to the big day itself.  Start looking at your wedding budget and how much money you want to spend on the day.

The earlier you start to plan, the longer time you will have to get the best deals to make your big day special.  This does not need to be lavish or expensive nor does it mean it wont be perfect.  If you budget well you will avoid paying for your wedding day for years to come.  Once you know how much you have to spend, you can create the perfect day to suit your pocket.  Try the wedding budget planner on to help you plan your budget.

Think about choosing to celebrate your wedding day on any other day than Saturday giving you some bargaining flexibility when looking for a venue.  Many hotels will throw in some extras if you choose a day when they are least likely to be busy.  So choose your day and time of year wisely.

Think “less is more” when creating your guest list.   This list does not have to include everyone you have ever met nor does it have to include every relation on either side.  The more people you invite the bigger the bill.  You might consider having close family and friends to the traditional wedding meal and invite all the rest to the party afterwards.

Alternatively, instead of the traditional wedding meal or wedding breakfast, consider an evening reception.  Offering canapés or a buffet or barbecue.  Something different that will allow you a larger guest list and will mean that everyone will celebrate together with you at a fraction of the cost.

To continue your blissful dream, start as you mean to go on.  Budget your household bills so that you avoid stress and hassle when you set up home together.  Try to set out your budget.   Easy on gong maintenance of your household budget will only take 20 minutes a month.