Have you ever wondered about the levels of dirt carried on the ten euro note in your pocket?  How clean is your money?  Over half of people think that money is the filthiest item that they touch according to an article in the Irish Independent today.  These fears are not unfounded given the findings of a recent survey carried out by Oxford University.

The study highlighted the levels of bacteria were very high, as much as 11,000 bacteria being carried on an average euro note.  These are astonishing results as such levels of bacteria can pass on infection and can cause disease in humans.

With the way technology is progressing, paying for everyday purchases with money (cash) will become a thing of the past.  Although this is not the reason for the cashless society that we are becoming, it is certainly another good reason to head in that direction.  Not only will it reduce the germs but it can help you budget your money better.

Bill payers want more options, flexibility and convenience to suit their needs and their lifestyle.  Keeping an eye on their cash flow has also become a priority.  Consumers are showing a preference for paying their bills on line.  Fewer people are paying their bills by cheque and they are looking for more efficient ways to manage their bills.

On line banking services have become very popular among bill payers who use this facility to  keep a close eye on their money.  The best way to gain control over your money and cash flow is to create a budget plan and stick to it.  BillsManager.com has created an easy to use budget planner tool to save you time and money.   It sends you timely alerts before bills fall due and will remind you to update your budget when required.  your bills anymore as they will be paid automatically and if a bill is higher or lower than is stated in your budget plan, BillsManager.com will update your budget plan for you.