All this talk about planning your finances and setting up a household budget, but what’s it all about.  Why bother  to budget?  It might seem like a lot of hard work.  Why anyone would want to sit for hours looking at numbers trying to figure it all out.  There is a certain amount of work when starting off your household budget but this is made a lot easier when you use

Dealing with your bills can be a real pain in the head if you are not organised but you can reduce the stress and hassle by setting up a household budget using  The most stressful part of paying bills is not knowing if you have the money to pay for them.

We all have set bills to pay, the mortgage or rent, electricity, gas, telephone, insurance etc. etc.  These bills are due at different times throughout the year and some months you might only have three bills to pay but then the following month you might have six or  seven.  Your pay package is the same every week or month so it makes sense to put aside the money for your bills as you get paid, weekly or monthly.

When you set up your BillsManager budget you will know how much you need to save for your bills weekly or monthly.  Spreading the cost of your bills evenly means your cash flow is not affected if one of the larger bills such as your car insurance has to be paid this month. will continue to monitor your bills and adjust your budget each time you update your account of the bills that have been paid in the month.

The best reason to budget is for the peace of mind.  When done correctly, you will never have to worry about bills again.