According to an article in the Irish Independent regarding a recent survey, over half of the Irish households surveyed said that women will take full control of the household expenses in 2014 in a bid to cut down on spending.  It also states that women not only do most of the household chores such as cooking and washing, they are also increasingly the ones making the financial decisions.  I say, old news!

If you are taking over the finances now, or indeed have been doing so for quite some time, using a household budget plan is the most efficient way of running your home.  One of the reasons why most people don’t budget is that they are put off by the amount of hard work they think it takes.  Woman to woman, my secret weapon is will help you set up your household budget and believe it or not, you will only need to spend about 10 to 15 minutes a month managing your household budget once set up.  Register for free, taking less than 1 minute and using only an email address and password of your choosing.  Gather your bills details, the amount, frequency and due dates.  Following the instructions on, add this information to create your budget, taking about 20 minutes.  Set your alert and setting preferences and your account is up and running, its that easy.

Most other budget plans require a full overhaul once a year, not so when using  This is a once off set up and will do the rest.  It will keep you up to date with your payments and will advise you each time your bills need to be adjusted up or down.  If you don’t fancy adding all your bills at once, key in the regular ones and take it from there.  With you can change your budget whenever and as often as you like, you can add. edit or delete bills at any time during the year.