Home owners could be set to save as much as €300 a year in Gas and Electricity bills as another supplier enters the market for domestic users according to an article in the Herald  yesterday.

Although Energia have been supplying to the businesses they are only now launching into the domestic market which can only be good news to home owners as it puts pressure on all the rest to be as competitive.  More savings for householders with gas bills expected to be reduced by at least €140 per year and electricity bills by as much as €150 per year.

These savings are based on householders who are currently on bill pay options.  The savings will be greater for those who are currently on prepay energy.  It is more expensive to buy your electricity through a pre pay meter than by bill pay.   Irrespective of the unit rates that are being charged, there is an additional charge of 37.5 cent per day which is the prepayment service charge which equates to €137 per year.  This will be charged every day regardless of whether you are using it or not and is not charged to people on Bill Pay.

Energia have not officially announced their pricing as yet, their pilot scheme which they have been running for a select number of home owners indicates great savings will be made.  Music to our ears when we have just come to terms with the recent price increases by Electric Ireland for electricity and the expected increases to be announced shortly by Bord Gais for gas.

If you currently pre pay for your electricity or gas, you should consider the switch over to  bill pay with Energia to avail of the great savings.  If you chose pre pay to help you budget or manage your money better, try BillsManager.comBillsManager will help you to set up a household budget plan.  It will work out how much money you need to put away towards your bills every week or month so that the money is there when your bills are due.