With the announcement of more energy increases,  is it any wonder that the middle income earner has become a thing of the past.  Middle income earners have been squeezed so much that between the additional charges and the increases in taxes, they are now in the low income bracket.

Its difficult enough for people to keep the roof over their heads, but it seems, they may have to revert back to candle light!  Electric Ireland announced that whilst they have a freeze on their prices until January 2014 they will be imposing a rise of 1.7 per cent thereafter.  This will equate to an increase of about €18 for the average family over the period of a year.

But this increase will follow the increase in the Public Service Obligation tax which will be doubled increasing by €17 per year and is due to be implemented from this month.  Although Electric Ireland will not be charging this until January 2014.

Its not just Electric Ireland that have made the announcement of higher prices, Airtricity announced last week that they would be increasing the price of electricity to their customers by 3.5 per cent from November 2013.  Its only a matter of time before the rest will follow suit.  Between electricity and gas price increases, the average family will spend an estimated €2,200 per year on energy bills.

According to Bonkers.ie, we are overspending by €290 million on energy bills,  highlighting the fact that many of us are not availing of the cheaper options that are on offer.   You will need to know how much you are spending before you can start saving.  Billsmanager.com will help you set up a budget plan and will enable you to manage all your household bills.   Armed with the knowledge of your bill costs, go to Bonkers.ie or Uswitch.ie to find the best available deals for you.   BillsManager.com will continue to monitor your bills and adjust your budget each time you update your account.