Do you find yourself wondering if there will  be enough money to get you to the end of the week let alone the end of the month, is there too much month left and not enough wallet?  The lows of household cash flow and then next month will be the opposite, when your wallet will last you and then some – the highs of household cash flow.

Cash flow is a problem if it is more like a roller coaster than and easy train ride.  It could be due to that car insurance or house insurance bill that you had to pay out this month and you had not set the money aside over the year to meet the large payment due.  Or it could be that the heating was on over the cold spell longer than you would normally have it on and that bill was so much higher than usual, causing you to spend more in the month.  You may find that some months are just more expensive than others. 

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could pay the same amount each week or month on your bills as you are paid (per week or month), this would avoid a variable cash flow.  The best way to tackle the ups and downs of your cash flow is to create a budget plan and stick to it.  It is a case of getting into the habit of putting aside a set amount of money every week or month into an account or a jar or whatever your preference that you do not touch unless it is for paying a bill., the free online budgeting tool, keeps me on track of my household bills and expenses setting out exactly what I need to set aside for my bills every month.  It  takes 20 minutes to set up your family household budget and then 15 minutes a month to manage all your bills thereafter.