According to an article in the Irish Independent yesterday, over 80% of couples seeking help with their relationship have encountered financial difficulty.  Many of these couples have said that mounting debt is affecting their relationships.  As part of the advice being given, perhaps these couples should be shown how to set up a household budget.

In most Irish households, one person has the responsibility of paying the bills.  To avoid further arguments about money, both parties need to get involved in dealing with the financial side of things.  A budget can bring a couple closer together as they identify and work towards common goals and indeed help the whole family focus on common targets.  A budget can improve the relationship as it will help a couple take control of their money instead of it controlling their relationship.

A budget might reveal areas where one or both of you have been spending too much money and will help you refocus on your most important objectives.  Both of you need to agree that the aim of setting out a budget is to set out a spending plan for the future and although one or both persons might be found “guilty” of overspending, it is time to draw a line in the sand and start afresh.  This budget is going to show you how much the household is in debt, if at all, and by putting a structure on future bill payments, it will help you get out of debt.

So where do you start?  Together, gather all your bill information such as the amount, frequency and due dates of every bill you pay.  Have your recent bank statements to hand. Go to  Follow the simple, step by step instructions and start your new household budget plan.   This might help resolve the issues of your relationship that created arguments over money and it won’t cost you a cent.