You can save money on your household shopping bill by making a few changes to how you shop.   Follow the golden rules and you will save money on your weekly grocery shopping bill.

Make a plan and stick to it.  Set the day in the week for your weekly grocery shop.  Begin your list by deciding on lunches and dinners for the week ahead.    Check your fridge and presses to see what you already have and list off the items you need to get.  Then add to the list your breakfasts and whatever toiletries need to be replenished.

Go shopping when you are busy and have very little time.  Try to do your shopping between two appointments.  So when you go to the shop, with your list, you will have no time to peruse the shelves and will avoid temptation.

Never go shopping on a hungry stomach.  You may be listening to your tummy instead of sticking to your list.

Do not be tempted to put anything into the shopping trolley that is not on your list, be strict and you will save money by avoiding impulse buys.

Cash is King.  Do not bring your credit card when doing your weekly shop as this gives you extra spending power to buy “off plan”.  Use Cash or Laser/debit card.  If you are using your hard earned “cash” to pay for your shopping you will think twice before making any impulse buys.  Keep the credit card for those well thought out “planned luxury” purchases.  The Irish are well able to spend on their credit cards as per an article in The Irish Times today.

After Christmas we all feel the pinch of our spending spree on the credit card and that sinking feeling when the bill drops through the letter box in January.  Now is a great time to change your shopping habits for life and save money.