More increases are only around the corner so start saving now. As if the winter isn’t hard enough for all of us and the ever increasing cost of fuel to keep our homes warm and bright, the Commission for Energy Regulation go ahead and approve an increase in the Public Service Obligation (PSO) levy on all electricity bills. What does this mean to the punter – well instead of paying €27.82 PSO levy per year, from October, we will all be paying €42.87 per year.

Before the winter sets in, now is the time to look at who is offering the best deals for you and your family so you can make savings. Its easy, all you do is use one of the comparison websites such as or and key in the information requested relating to your household consumption and they will do all the leg work so you don’t have to. They will list off all of the deals that are currently available to you including combining your ESB and Gas bills where you could make savings of up to €250 a year on these bills.

Don’t leave it until the winter bills have hit the door mat, do it now and start saving money. Perhaps it is a good time to sort out all your household expenditure to see where you can make changes and savings on all your household bills. Where to start, well firstly you need to list off all your household bills. Then you need to know how much each bill is currently costing you. will help you to set up a household budget plan. It will work out how much money you need to put away towards your bills every week or month depending on how you wish to save. Once your budget plan is set up, BillsManager will enable you to maintain your household budget which should only take 10 minutes a month. BillsManager will automatically adjust your budget as required so you don’t have to remember to amend the amount your if a bill is higher or lower than is stated in your budget plan.