Budgeting resolutions for the New Year

The New Year is always a good time for making changes and budgeting. There is a feeling of a new beginning and you feel ready to make resolutions.  Christmas is over and you are prepared for change.   It is a time when companies are offering their best deals. It is also a good time to be aware of what your bills cost you and to review your finances.  Budgeting for your bills will make your life so much easier.

Note the renewal dates of your bills in your diary or use BillsManager.com to remind you of your renewal dates. When the date comes around check on-line to see what deals are available. Even if you don’t wish to move from the company you are with, most companies will match other rates charged by their competitors to keep your business.

If you are paying your car insurance monthly, note when the renewal is due to see what deal you can get. You can make considerable savings from reviewing car and house insurance. Usually by paying bills annually, you can save money.   Can you can switch to paying your car insurance bill annually and make more savings?

Paying some bills yearly will also give you more room to juggle your finances a little if you have a bad month.  If all your bills are paid monthly and you have one bad month, you are in difficulty straight away. If you pay some bills annually and budget weekly or monthly to cover your bills, you have breathing space if you have a bad month. My Cashflow Forecast at BillsManager.com shows you how much breathing space you have with your next 12 months projected cashflow.

Why not try to convert a least 1 large bill to annual payment.  Better still, set up a basic budget yourself by totalling adding all your bills into BillsManager.com. This will help you with your budgeting and show you how much to put aside weekly or monthly.

Then set up a standing order for this amount from the bank account you lodge your salary into, to another of your accounts and use this other account to pay your bills from.

Starting this basic budgeting will reduce constant pressure on your finances each month and you can start to save money on your bills by converting them to annual payments and giving you more control in general on your finances.