Save your money for a rainy day is one of many sayings I heard my Grand parents declare very regularly.  Always trying to educate and impart essential information for life and living.  We probably took it all with a pinch of salt but it starts to ring true when you have a household of your own to run.

We know our grand parents were right and we know we should save for a rainy day but when money is tight it seems like a every day is a rainy day.  Where do you start or how can you start saving for that rainy day fund.  Start today and don’t keep putting it on the long finger.   You need to know how much money you can afford to start building up that rainy day fund.

If you have not already started your household budget, start with that and this will tell you if you have any excess money to save.   Once you create your budget you will be aware of your expenses and will find that with this new heightened awareness will help you to save money.  You will realise how much your bills actually cost and you will automatically want to reduce these costs so you will remember to switch off those unwanted lights or gadgets. is an easy to use budget planning tool which also helps you to manage your bills ongoing.  Register your account and BillsManager will guide you through the set up of your budget.  Monthly updates will only take 10 minutes and keeps you on track of your bills and your money.  You can include your Rainy Day fund in your budget so you don’t have to remember to keep track of that separately.

Using BillsManager, you will have access to your bill payment history and a 12 month cash-flow forecast.  Giving you all the necessary information you need to make informed spending decisions.