Who needs dating websites when you may already have what it takes to be a great catch!  Being prudent with your money gives you sex appeal according to a recent paper by  Jenny Olson, a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and co-author of the working paper, “A Penny Saved is a Partner Earned: The Romantic Appeal of Savers”.  Forget about your fast cars, flash watches or diamond jewellery, apparently this only shows that you are wasteful and lack in self control.

Being thrifty is definitely the way forward for more reasons than for finding a partner.  Its a life skill we all need when dealing with our bills and finances.  You need to know the value of your money and where that money goes.  You want to be able to get the best value there is for your hard earned money.  And with this mindset you will be considered a great catch.

So if none of this comes naturally to you and you know you need to start being savvy with your money, there is help out there for you.  Firstly you need to start saving towards your bills so that the money is in your account as your bills fall due.  Planning for your expenditure and budgeting for your bills is the smart way to manage your money.

BillsManager.com, the easy to use free online tool will help you to budget and manage your bills.    Once your budget plan is set up, BillsManager will enable you to maintain your household budget which should only take 10 minutes a month.  BillsManager will automatically adjust your budget as required so you don’t have to remember to amend the amount if a bill is higher or lower than is stated in your budget plan.  With Jenny Olsons paper in mind, I came to thinking that BillsManager could be some sort of an aphrodisiac!